Muy Bueno

Last week we were all feeling very festive! The Hubby is Hispanic and my kids for some reason can’t wrap their heads around it. A few months ago, the youngest was going on and on about how she hated Mexican Food and I interrupted her with, “you know, you are half Mexican”. Her priceless response, “WHAT?!?!”. It was hilarious. So since we have moved away from our Hispanic relatives, we have being making an effort to surround them with the culture and especially the FOOD.

Unfortunately, the hubs banned me from making any Mexican food about 3 years ago. He makes the tacos and taquitos, I only make burritos or rice when I know he won’t be home for dinner. We ventured to Barnes and Nobles for a cookbook. He picked out Muy Bueno. It is more Texan/New Mexico Mexican food than SOCAL Mexican food (yes, there is a difference) but it is still delicious.

I started off with Chile Colorado. The first obstacle was finding red chile pods. The recipe called for either California or New Mexico chiles. I found New Mexico Chile pods at the local market. It was A LOT more work than just buying canned enchilada sauce but the end result was worth it.

I used the Chile Colorado to make Red Enchiladas. I filled them with only cheese because that is the Hubs favorite.  Honestly, I was so nervous about making these enchiladas. My family isn’t known for them – in fact we are all pretty dreadful at making them. The hubs took a bite, I held my breath, and after a few seconds he exclaimed that they were amazing! SUCCESS!!! I was ecstatic, he had never liked my enchiladas and here he was eating seconds!


To go with the enchiladas I make rice. This recipe is hands down my favorite when it comes to rice! The first try came out with the rice being a little crunchy but the flavor was like restaurant perfection! Worth mastering.

To crave our sweet tooth’s I made Arroz Con Leche. The girls were excited because they have tried it before at a buffet. It took longer than making tapioca (my absolute favorite) and it was a bit more complex but it made the house smell fantastic! I might even boil cinnamon and cloves just because in the near future.



There is still a lot more recipes in this book I want to try. It is nice to have my confidence back when making Mexican Food and having the hubby-the food snob- approve!


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